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Since the Fire TV Stick has a weaker CPU and GPU, the deciding factor will be how computationally intense is the app.I suspect that most, if not all, non-games will run on both devices.Miracast allows you to mirror your entire PC, if it supports it, to the Fire TV.So since all indication is that the Fire TV Stick will be very similar in functionality to the Fire TV, I would expect that the Fire TV Stick will launch with miracast support.Additionally, using smartphones as remote mice and keyboards should work by sideloading server/client apps. Not with the included remote, but the Fire TV Stick is compatible with the Voice Remote which Amazon sells separately for .99. The Amazon Fire Game Controller will work, as will other standard bluetooth controllers like the Playstation Dual Shock 4.Additionally, Amazon will be releasing a Fire TV Remote App for Android and i OS which will be capable of functioning as a voice remote for the Fire TV Stick. Controllers like the Xbox 360 controller, which require a USB Receiver, will not work. We don’t know much about the performance of the device.

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I’m going to gather the most popular ones and try to answer them here.

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So if the Fire TV Stick’s micro USB port is truly just capable of providing power, it will not hinder the ability to sideload apps. The Fire TV Stick will probably be just as rootable as the Fire TV.

That said, new Fire TVs running the latest update are currently not rootable so the Fire TV Stick will likely not be rootable when it ships.

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